descriptionEasyneuf panel application
last changeWed, 23 Sep 2009 14:33:57 +0200
10 years agothierryChanged minidesk to "bureau" in texts (minidesk does not mean anything default tip
10 years ago"Luc Saillardwhen the program doesn't have a generic name, use the name instead to display it in bold
10 years ago"Luc Saillardallow null password
10 years ago"Luc Saillard9panel accept now md5password
10 years ago"Luc Saillardfix a regression (dot_desktop_filename is null)
10 years ago"Luc Saillardupdate translation
10 years ago"Luc Saillardadd a new mode to add an application to minidesk
10 years ago"Luc Saillarduse gtk-2.12 feature to display tooltips
10 years ago"Luc Saillardrewrite the code that load .desktop to be faster and simpler
10 years ago"Luc Saillardfix typo in the french translation
11 years ago"Luc Saillardupgrade waf to 1.5.6
11 years ago"Luc Saillardfix typo in french
11 years agothierryFix translations
11 years agothierryFix some missing translations
11 years ago"Luc Saillarddon't build code that is not use if dbus is launch
11 years ago"Luc Saillardrewrite code: adding applications to minidesk, new mode for this
11 years ago"Luc Saillardupdate dbus call
11 years ago"Luc Saillarduse dbus to launch, remove and add icons
11 years ago"Luc Saillardwip
11 years ago"Luc Saillardremove thread usage
11 years ago"Luc Saillardcleanup
11 years ago"Luc Saillardremove autotools, and use waf (
11 years ago"Luc Saillardcleanup the code
11 years ago"Luc Saillard9panel: load icon from the gtk theme first and then using the slow version
11 years agoopheliefix an error in language
11 years agoophelieSome translations added
12 years ago"Luc Saillardtweak when running in a low resolution
12 years ago"Luc Saillardchange order when loading pixmap
12 years ago"Luc Saillardstrip %U %d %v from .desktop
12 years ago"Luc Saillardeeepc: update to support screen size of 800x480
10 years ago7a0f1884801fdefault