last changeFri, 27 Feb 2009 12:25:16 +0100
11 years ago"Luc Saillarduse kernel include and not from the glibc default tip
11 years ago"Luc Saillardmake executable
11 years ago"Luc Saillardfix a little when detecting root device
11 years ago"Luc Saillardfix some bug when not detecting other primary device
11 years ago"Luc Saillardadd hgignore
11 years ago"Luc Saillardadd
12 years agoJukka JalavaNew translation.
12 years agoSimon GuinotSome fixes...
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix french translation issues.
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd satellite mode for net tests.
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd openssl dependency.
12 years agoSimon GuinotSome fixes...
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd show-router-version command.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix po file encoding.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix package and locales errors.
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd the french translation.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFirst import for the 9rescue program.
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