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11 years ago"Luc Saillardsmall update to be able to put the dialog into a small screen default tip
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12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyanonymize product name
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd translation support for easypopup title.
12 years ago"Frederic Leroychop return line on release_flavour
12 years ago"Jean DeslousPath modification for generic Release text.
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix warning
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix release url
12 years ago"Jean DeslousFlavour management when getting release notes text on HTTP server
12 years ago"Luc Saillardadd fi and sv to LINGUAS
12 years agoJukka JalavaFirst Finnish and Swedish translations.
12 years ago"Frederic Leroyfix keyboard focus
12 years ago"Frederic Leroyinitial hg repository
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