last changeThu, 28 May 2009 18:32:36 +0200
11 years ago"Luc Saillardwork in progress default tip
11 years ago"Luc Saillardnew program to show the presentation
11 years ago"Luc Saillardapply rotation information for jpeg file
11 years ago"Luc Saillardmerge
11 years ago"Luc Saillardinit srandom
11 years ago"Luc Saillardadd a progress bar when loading a directory
11 years ago"Luc Saillardmake the slideshow working by generating the xml, and launching easyslideshow-opt on it
11 years ago"Luc Saillardsome waf changes
11 years ago"Luc Saillardupdate the toy version of clutter 'opt'
11 years ago"Luc Saillardconvert code to use clutter-0.8
11 years ago"Luc Saillardcontinue migration to waf
11 years ago"Luc Saillardconvert the build sytem to waf
11 years ago"Luc SaillardAdded tag before_clutter0.8 for changeset 7bbcceefb2f9
12 years ago"Frederic Leroyproblem connecting preview ??? use extern as workaround before_clutter0.8
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix various warnings
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyadd preview when choosing individual files
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix skipping frame
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix xml bug
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyguard slide without background
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyblock screensaver
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyremove title (transparency don't work on gate)
12 years ago"Frederic Leroyfix crash
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyuse random transitions
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyadd help window
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric fix translation
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyload image just before transition
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroywip
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyfix open dir icon
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyimplements loop
12 years ago"Fr?d?ric Leroyimplement timeout
12 years agobefore_clutter0.8
12 years agoeasyslideshow simple settings
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