descriptionEasyneuf WIFI application
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12 years ago"Luc SaillardAdd a new dialog to select the action we can do (connect to an access point, ...)
13 years ago"Luc Saillarddon't write control_interface if not build into wpa_supplicant
13 years ago"Luc SaillardUse wpa-supplicant to make WEP, WPA, WPA2
13 years ago"Luc SaillardAdd french support
13 years ago"Luc Saillardrefresh the windows when launching dhcp
13 years ago"Luc Saillardscanning, and setting wep key is working
13 years ago"Luc SaillardMajor updates: scan is nealry complete
13 years ago"Luc Saillardfix build
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