descriptionEasyneuf router communication tools
last changeTue, 06 Jan 2009 12:49:24 +0100
11 years ago"Luc Saillardsupport multiple DISPLAY server for displaying the popup default tip
11 years agoophelieadded a new allowed command (change_configuration)
11 years agoophelieUdpterm added :Program that allows a pc to communicate with the router through a direct ethernet connection and allows to access bootloader ( the pc connected must have the the terminal IP ( and udpterm must be launched before the first 4 seconds of the start of the router, then continue to press enter until you obtain the bootloader )
11 years agoophelieRules for udpterm compiling added
11 years agoophelieome translations added
11 years agolucnew version of the terminal command "router" :all packets are put in one buffer
11 years agolucmodification de la commande router pour le router libre
12 years agoSimon GuinotSet command timeout to 2 seconds instead of 4.
12 years ago"Luc Saillardadd gender to easyneufrc
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix gcc-4.x compilation errors and warnings.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix some build problems.
12 years agoSimon GuinotSome tunning...
12 years agoSimon GuinotRemove the libbusybox depedency.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix typo.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix ez9DeleteUser bug. Remove a non existent user can't issue with a success.
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd interface bambino.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix the check library detection.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFix path looking.
12 years agoSimon GuinotApply fix-install-path.patch from Arnaud Bailly.
12 years agoSimon GuinotAdd unit tests support.
12 years agoSimon GuinotFirst import.
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